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We've taught and helped successful offline business owners who have struggled with how to use online marketing to bring more people into their already existing sales process.

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Bringing more people into your sales process shouldn't be so difficult, overwhelming and time-consuming


  • It frustrates you
  • You're afraid of spending a ton of money with no results
  • The tech overwhelms you
  • You don't understand the online marketing aspect

Wouldn't This Be Better?

Wouldn't you rather hear "Tell me more..." instead of "Huh?..." when you tell someone what you do?

Make This Work For You

Hereโ€™s what you need to make this work for you: an already existing sales process, a product or service, and the right message to bring the most qualified prospects into your sales process. The Known Method helps you structure and package the products and services you sell, and the Facebook platform offers you easy access to people ready to enter into your already existing sales process.

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