Hello! My name's Cheryl Cigan and I'm an online marketer and strategist. I am the founder of Known.com and the creator of The Known Method which is my training program that helps entrepreneurs and business owners get known for what they do - it's a method to help them structure, package and sell what they do.

I've been working with small business owners since 1996 to help them get known via their internet presence.

In my quaint coastal village in northern Michigan I’m known as the ‘computer lady” and the “book lady” (I owned a bookstore for eleven years). Yes, I love all things technology and the power of words - and the logical sense of a bookstore.

I love to learn and to this day rely on my keen curiosity (satisfying this initially with piles of books way before the internet) and still do intense research on strategies and methodologies. These are some of condensed insights I bring  to my students and clients (David Garfinkel, the World's Greatest Copywriting Coach has described me as "irrepressible"). 

So it's no surprise I love Facebook and all things social media.

As Facebook gained momentum, local business owners approached me to do their Facebook advertising or get them set up and teach them how to do it themselves because they lacked the confidence to do it on their own. 

There were not enough hours in the day for me to do both. This also created a major shift in my own business model.

When I began the process of examining their businesses I realized many struggled with making their business known for what they DO. Many were missing  things keeping them from fully benefitting from their advertising.

The Known Method was created for them.

It shows what you need to have in place so Facebook advertising (and content and other advertising) works to increase leads and cash flow while reducing overwhelm.

I’ve also enjoyed the advantage of working with hundreds of business owners, offline and online stores, consultants, authors, teachers, my sister’s cut flower farm (we took her sales up over 30% for four summers running on $5 a day!) and those providing all types of professional services and have seen first-hand what does, and doesn’t work. I have worked with people who have had great success, and I’ve seen some that weren’t able to make the Facebook platform work for them. 

Here’s what you need to make this work for you: a product or service, a message to sell that product or service and access to a market of people to buy it. The Facebook platform offers you easy access to that market of people. The Known Method ties it all together for you.

I'd love to connect with you and have you be a part of the Known Community. Please feel free to contact me!

To your continued known success,

Cheryl C. Cigan
Online Marketer and Strategist
Founder, Known.com


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