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Do you struggle to explain what you do?

Should it be so difficult to market your business online?
  • It frustrates you
  • You're afraid of spending a ton of money with no results
  • The tech overwhelms you
  • You don't understand marketing

How Do You Fix This?

How can you confidently create a consistent method you can depend on to get new clients without being overwhelmed by the process?

The Path to Selling What You Do

The underlying structure of a successful automated and repeatable online business, regardless of the business model, product or service.

This is for you if you're an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, course creator or information publisher and you feel you're working too many hours, you're tired of being out of control with your marketing - and of not knowing what is working or not for you.

3 Steps to Selling What You Do

Build Your Base

Build your base first. Your foundation. Everything you create and offer is based on this foundation. Without this base your ads simply won't work to produce the results you want.

Open the Doorways

Open the doorways into your business to grow your email list, develop relationships and "sell" the next step to convert leads into prospects then into your ideal clients.

Invite Prospects In

Use Facebook advertising to attract and invite your ideal prospects into your world. Target your perfect audience, create ads then scale and build your assets.

How Do You Do This?

The 3 steps of The Known Method are easy-to-follow and is a step-by-step process that sets you up for advertising and business success.

Be Absolutely Clear About What You Do

Don't make your prospects have to figure out what you can do to help them.

Focus on One Thing

You're a solution provider. What you do for your clients makes their lives better. So focus on one problem for one person that delivers on one promise that solves one problem.

A Clear Pathway

Create a visual roadmap to show the pathway you will lead your clients along so they can get the results they want to solve their problem.

Know What to Look For

When Facebook made it easy to advertise on their platform many business owners jumped at the opportunity. While it worked immediately for a handful, others walked away frustrated with their pockets a little lighter. If you were to ask them about their experience using Facebook ads they'll probably say, “They just don’t work at all... a big waste of money if you ask me.” Truth is, there are almost always simple reasons why their ads didn’t work for them. It’s usually an easy fix too... if you know what to look for.

Be Confident

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Cheryl Cigan and in my quaint coastal village I’m known as the "computer lady” and the “book lady” (I owned a bookstore for eleven years.). As Facebook gained momentum, local business owners approached me to do their Facebook advertising or get them set up and teach them how to do it themselves because they lacked the confidence to do it on their own.

Putting Pieces Together

There weren't enough hours in the day for me to do both. When I began examining their businesses I observed many were missing things that stood in the way of them getting much benefit from their online presence and online advertising.

An Easy Method to Get Known

I created The Known Method for them to follow. As you can see in the image above, it shows what's needed so Facebook advertising can work to increase sales, grow your business and build your email list for future marketing.

Make This Work For You

Here’s what you need to make this work for you: a product or service, a message to sell what you do and access to a market of people to buy it. The Known Method helps you structure and package up the products and services you sell, and the Facebook platform offers you easy access to a market of people where you can sell your products or services.

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