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Chris Zimmerman
Bestselling author of Forty Mile Point, Intentional Acts, The Secret-Keeper and The Covenant Field
Order Chris Zimmerman Books - All Copies Are Signed by Chris Zimmerman

A Northern Michigan
Romantic Suspense Thriller

Chris Zimmerman books

The Covenant Field

It was nearly noon Iowa time when we finally crossed the Mississippi River and into the rolling, corn-stubbled hills of America's breadbasket. Michigan's congested midriff was far in the rear view mirror, now only the land Lewis and Clark dubbed, 'the great green sea' tread beneath my wheels.

It was in those weed-covered hills I made a horrible discovery one blustery November afternoon...

When Judge Deborah Noyes was murdered on the steps of a southern Michigan courthouse, journalists Derrick Twitchell and Colleen Beyer plunged headlong into the story.

They discovered that Her Honor was a linchpin in a 30-year-old mystery and a nightmare that would scar the state forever.

With each luscious detail, with every candied caveat, the two reporters realize their passion for a good story is trumped only by the fire simmering between them.

Chris Zimmerman's third novel, The Covenant Field, visits southern Michigan's most-storied landmarks....and lurid past.

Order your signed and numbered first edition of The Covenant Field.

The Secret-Keeper by Chris Zimmerman

The Secret-Keeper A mystery gleaned from the shores of
Hemingway's Walloon Lake . . .

An adventure woven from the love
notes of the dearly departed . . .

A deliciously clever tale of revenge, of forgiveness, of letting go . . and of love that refuses to die.

Destined to become of your favorite reads, Chris Zimmerman's second work "The Secret-Keeper" is a compelling page-turner which is sure to keep you reading late into the night . . .

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  Chris Zimmerman Don't let Chris Zimmerman's good looks distract you. Behind his innocent and sporting smile is the mastermind of devilishly clever tales, a crafty mind skilled at the art of deception, wickedly delightful twists of revenge, and oh yes, just enough romance and sex which invite you to sit back (if you dare), relax (if you can) and enjoy deliciously-conceived stories where the good guys can be just a little bad too...

His characters crawl off the pages, his settings are uniquely northern Michigan, the chemistry between lovers sizzles off the pages and into your heart. But don't say we didn't warn you, just when you think you're on solid ground, Chris pulls the rug out from under you in ways that'll have you howling with delight.

Order your signed copies today of Forty Mile Point, The Covenant Field, Intentional Acts and The Secret-Keeper.

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Order Chris Zimmerman Books - All Copies Signed by Chris Zimmerman


Michigan residents please add 6% sales tax to the total excluding shipping. Shipping is normally via USPS Media Rate Mail - charges are $3.00 for the first book and $1.00 for each additional book. (Other shipping arrangements as requested can be arranged at cost).

Suttons Bay is located about 15 miles (about 20 minutes if traveling the speed limit!) north of Traverse City on M-22.

Suttons Bay is a lovely year 'round village surrounded to the east by the bay, and snuggged in under the hills along the shore.

Our downtown main street business district is lined with shops, boutiques, galleries, restaurants, a movie theatre and a few antique and resale shops.
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Forty Mile Point

Forty Mile Point by Chris Zimmerman
Chris Zimmerman


17.00 USD
Trade Paperback
Order your
signed copy today!

Forty Mile Point is a devilishly crafted mystery with a northern Michigan flavor. Traverse City plays a key part in the story, as does Marion, Cadillac, Frankfort, Pellston, Rogers City and Mackinac Island. Itıs the story about a man and a woman who disappear in the middle of Lake Huron on a breezy, wind-swept afternoon. She was a plaintiffıs lawyer, whose clients include some of Michiganıs most notorious polluters; he was an aide for a less-than-savory Congressman from northern Michigan.

When the police find her waterlogged corpse the next day, a stash of clues left on her boat leave police wondering if it was an accident or the perfect murder.

Intentional Acts

Intentional Acts by Chris Zimmerman
Chris Zimmerman


17.00 USD
Trade Paperback
Order your
signed copy today!

On a grizzly, wind-swept afternoon, three men duck hunted a jagged point off Lake Superior. One man had a secret, some scars, and a score to settle. Another had revenge on his mind and a lover at home. The last man was dearly hated but a leader in the business world.

Only two men made it to shore.

Find out what happened.

Zimmerman is a regular contributor to the Lansing State Journal and Michigan Out-of-Doors magazine.

His work has also appeared in Ducks Unlimited Retriever Journal, and Pheasants Forever magazines.

To meet Chris at one of his booksignings please visit his website at www.authorchriszimmerman.com


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